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Q1. What is SUPERBICYCLE.SHOP coupon?

The coupons are gifts offered by the Superbicycle Shop from time to time as a promotion event.  Each single coupon contains a serial number with a combination of alphabets in capital and lowercase letters and numeric numbers.  Members are allowed to redeem the coupons when shopping with Superbicycle Shop. So, you have to become a member or log in before redeeming the coupon.  

Q2. How do I get a coupon?

The coupons distributed by SUPERBICYCLE.SHOP can be entered to your account directly or manually: 

1. To enter the coupon directly into account
For the serial number of a coupon won in an event of SUPERBICYCLE.SHOP, SUPERBICYCLE.SHOP will send a notice to the member’s E-mail.  So keep an eye on your account and mailbox. 

2. To enter the coupon manually into account:
For the serial number of an electronic coupon won by a member in a SUPERBICYCLE.SHOP website event or a hardcopy coupon received before becoming a member, please log in (or join) the membership .Input the coupon serial number at the time of checking out, the system will automatically

Q3 How do I use a coupon?

1. The coupons are selected and used one per order; i.e. only one coupon can be used for a single order.  The system will tell whether the coupon can be used for your purchase at checkout.
2. Every coupon is for one-time use only.  The serial number is invalid after being redeemed.  
3. Coupons cannot be used in combination with bonus points .  See the event instruction page for any other special limits.  
4. Every coupon comes with a serial number and expiration date, so make sure to use it before it expires, or the coupon will be invalid.  For coupons entered into your account, please go to membership section > coupon search/enter into account to examine.  For the validity of coupons, please see the instructions of the event pages.  
5. The coupon value will be deducted from your total purchase value. When you use paypal to pay, the cost section at the checkout page will show the deducted amount as your coupon saving. 

6. You need to purchase up to a certain amount in order to use a coupon.  Please the event instructions for the specific amount of purchase. 

7. Coupons are given free of charge.  SUPERBICYCLE.SHOP may change, modify or cancel the terms of using a coupon without notice.  

Q4 I’ve got my coupon, but how do I use one?

Step1: Log in (or join) to the SUPERBICYCLE.SHOP membership and go to the “membership section.”

Step2: Enter the checkout page to confirm the products, and then ensure there is a blank field for inputting the coupon serial number under Order Confirmation

Step3: The purchase amount shown is the one you will pay after deduction of the coupon amount. Follow the instructions to complete your purchase.